For our foreign clients



    You can visit the site and ask us for more information by writing directly to:
      Give us the item's references, its description and explain clearly what you want to know about it.
  • If you have any problem, donwload free the translator:

    Anyway, Europe, japan or USA, the best way is to pay by
    credit Card on our secure server.
    You can use to   and  Paypal.
    If you're in Europe, you can pay by postal order in Euros.
    If you're in the US, Japan or others, you can use two ways which are:

 1-If it's an expensive price, we give us our bank references and then you'll have to ask your bank to do an international transfer "swift" that takes 2 or 3 days to arrive.

  2-Or you send cash, only in US dollars, in a secure envelope to avoid the risks.

In any case, every payment out of France are made in Euros or US dollars, the charges of an international check would be to expensive.
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    We send you items everywhere in the world, but some countries (such as the USA and Japan), regulate packages if they are voluminous, we have to include a bill in English inside to describe the item and its worth or as "present"  but with a description too.
    In Europe, it's easier with packs already made for, but it's not the case for the USA and Japan.

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